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XERVON Wind is helping the industry with its highly specialised services

Germany really is getting down to business. In May, the Government introduced its Climate Change Act 2021 and has once again stepped up its climate goals. The whole of the country should be climate neutral by 2045 – a whole five years earlier than originally intended. The energy sector will be playing a central role to ensure these ambitious plans are achieved. Indeed, the course has already been set as the country gradually orients itself towards renewable energies. Wind energy is proving to be the most important source here. It already makes up 28% of the electricity produced in Germany and this figure is expected to grow considerably over the coming years.

  • wind turbines are currently being operated across Germany

According to the plans set out in the EEG 2021 [Renewable Energy Sources Act], wind power capacities should have increased from the current 55,000 MW to 71,000 MW by 2030, a growth of around 30%. This will require great effort from the wind energy sector and XERVON will now be providing them with sustainable support. Its newly founded company XERVON Wind unites in-depth industry know-how with extensive technical expertise covering both maintenance and plant construction work. The resulting portfolio, which has been adapted to meet the exact requirements of the wind energy sector, accompanies wind turbines throughout the whole of their service life – from their installation, to ensuring they run profitably, safely and reliably, all the way through to repowering or decommissioning once the EEG grant comes to an end. Besides having the XERVON-typical skills and expertise, XERVON Wind also stands out thanks to its extensive personnel and technical resources and the fact that it is part of a strong Group, giving it access to other trades and enabling it to offer services in these areas as well.

  • XERVON Wind – A few facts & figures

    Founded in: 2021
    Based in: Cologne
    Branches: Lingen
    Managing directors: Maik Schlapmann and Tobias Wilming

  • As a result, wind farm operators benefit from being able to obtain a wide range of services from just one company – services that XERVON Wind can deliver both onshore and offshore. The company’s goal is always the same: to make sure wind turbines run smoothly and efficiently and achieve the best possible electricity output. And this is something that is of interest far beyond the industry itself as the energy transition and climate neutrality can only succeed if the changing conditions are in sync with the expectations of energy consumers.

    Efficient operations and the best possible electricity output: XERVON Wind focuses on the fundamentals to ensure wind energy can be successfully produced

Getting down to the details. An overview of XERVON Wind’s services

  • Servicing & maintenance
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Surface coating & corrosion protection
  • Repairs
  • Safety reviews
  • Gearboxes
  • Towers
  • Main component
  • Engineering
  • Retrofits
  • No matter whether this climate-friendly electricity is supplied to industry or private households: all consumers need this sustainable energy to be affordable and readily available – both now and in the future. Work-ing together with wind farm operators, XERVON Wind can help make sure this is the case. Maik Schlapmann, managing director of XERVON Wind, commented: “It is the day-to-day business that ensures future targets are met. We provide effective support here with our services – especially when the objective is to bring about economic progress and advance sustainability at the same time.”

  • Find out more about XERVON Wind. Details about the company and its portfolio of services can be found on its Website

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