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Uniting business and environmental factors

What’s the best way to handle drilling mud? This is a question that is right at the top of the list of topics that drilling companies are looking into at the moment and is also one that is on the minds of waste management businesses. BUCHEN’s subsidiary FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung GmbH has now come up with a new approach. Being specialists for dewatering sludge and separating oil sludge, it recently published a study on the subject of drilling mud. It is now using the findings to draw up solutions that are environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective.

  • FILTRATEC operates across Europe; besides being located in Germany, it also has a branch in the Netherlands

  • Solids/liquid separation opens up some promising opportunities

    The aim is for the future process to be primarily based on a system that separates solids from liquids. Being the market leader in the field of industrial sludge dewatering, FILTRATEC offers a wide portfolio of services and a comprehensive range of technological solutions. The company often improves the mobile and stationary processes and technologies it uses by adding its own innovative developments. The perfect backdrop, therefore, for coming up with practical services targeted specifically at treating drilling mud.

    Further information about FILTRATEC and its services can be found here

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