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SafetyService makes its customers safer

It is simply not possible to compromise on safety. BUCHEN’s SafetyService division specialises in all aspects of this important subject and stands out from the crowd with its wide range of services and innovations.

Working in the fields it does, BUCHEN has gathered years of experience and extensive practical know-how of safety technology. This in-depth expertise has been pooled together into its SafetyService division, enabling it to deliver a comprehensive range of services for industrial businesses, firefighters and the emergency services. Its portfolio ranges from consultancy work, to training, all the way through to servicing, renting out and selling safety equipment.

For years now, BUCHEN’s SafetyService has also focused on developing equipment that customers need but are unable to find on the market. Such innovations are not only instigated by talking to manufacturers but also by the company carrying out its own R&D work and then testing the equipment in the field. Such work, for example, led to SafetyService being able to add a mobile, self-powered compressed air alarm to its list of products just recently. This unique piece of equipment has filled an important gap on the market as it can alert people to danger even if there is a power cut.

A further innovative development is SafetyService’s mobile centres for servicing respiratory protective equipment. These centres have all the technology needed to professionally clean, disinfect, dry and inspect protective gear. Used – and possibly contaminated – respiratory equipment can be processed on-site immediately after they have been used and then prepared for the next assignment.

  • Safety coupled with innovations

    • Exemplary safety standards do not just appear from nowhere. On the contrary – safety is always the result of well thought-out concepts, smart management and a multitude of detailed tasks that have been perfectly dovetailed. Being true experts in their field, BUCHEN’s SafetyService can provide effective support in this area – for your everyday operations as well as for specific projects.

      This BUCHEN division’s modular portfolio enables customers to select exactly what they need – from an individual, one-off service to having the company take over all tasks. The goal here is always to provide the highest possible levels of safety that meet the customers’ exact requirements, reflect the latest technology and are cost-effective.

    The company ensures its equipment is kept up to date by staying in close contact with the manufacturers. Industrial Scientific, the global leader for gas detection products, recently named BUCHEN’s SafetyService as one of its best service partners in 2018

Five fields of activity for greater safety

    • Consulting

      BUCHEN’s SafetyService performs professional risk assessments and uses its findings to develop safety concepts. The result: bespoke solutions that not only deliver the highest levels of safety but are cost-effective as well.

    • Servicing

      The company’s accredited service centres professionally service and maintain safety equipment and ensure the legally prescribed testing intervals are adhered to. If requested, BUCHEN’s SafetyService can also manage their customers’ materials as well.

    • Rental

      No matter whether it involves gas detection technology, breathing apparatus, full body protection or some other piece of equipment: BUCHEN’s SafetyService is able to hire out the exact device that is needed and when it is needed – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Would you like to learn more? Further details about the range of products and services offered by BUCHEN’s SafetyService can be found in its brochure PDF

    • Sales

      BUCHEN’s SafetyService works independent of any manufacturer and is able to provide its customers with professional advice about which safety equipment to purchase. As it buys in bulk, it can offer the latest technology at competitive prices.

    • Training

      SafetyService’s courses provide both theory and practice, showing those attending how to use the products correctly and in line with legal regulations. The training courses are held in BUCHEN’s service centres, on site at its customers’ or in the BUCHEN Group’s further training centre where the participants can practise using respiratory protective equipment under realistic conditions.

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