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An extra service for the visitors

  • BUCHEN and XERVON travelled to the 2019 INKONTAKT, the largest business fair in the north east of Brandenburg, to present both their programme of apprenticeships and a selection of their services. This year, they focused primarily on showcasing their modern sewer inspection technology and scaffolding services. The centre of their attention here was on scaffolding work that can be carried out on bridges as there are a whole number of bridges across the Oder river that are in urgent need of repair. In order to demonstrate exactly what can be done, XERVON’s scaffolding specialists erected a temporary footbridge so that the visitors could cross over the access road to get to the INKONTAKT fair. A very useful addition as it not only meant the event was much easier to reach, it also allowed the exhibition surface area to be extended.

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Over 20 metres long and almost 6 metres high: XERVON’s footbridge provided the visitors with safe access to the additional trade fair area

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