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Through-feed wash system improves processes

BUCHEN UmweltService is well-known for its highly specialised, automated cleaning systems. Not only do they further strengthen the company’s position on the market, they also help move the business forward as BUCHEN’s team develop their own innovative processes. The company has now extended its portfolio to include a through-feed wash system for bubble caps and has already applied for a patent for this technology. Developed last year, this innovative system has already proven to be effective in the field when it was used to clean around 23,000 bubble caps during a turnaround.

The through-feed wash system is kept in a standard hook-lift container. This means it can be transported to and used wherever it is needed without any great effort

Following a few adjustments to optimise the technology, it can now be deployed wherever it may be needed and offers all the advantages of an automated high-pressure water cleaning system – from higher safety standards, to a reduced workload, all the way through to faster processes. Up to now, the bubble caps have had to be repositioned and re-secured manually so that the whole of their surface area can be cleaned. This is no longer necessary. They are simply placed onto a conveyor belt and pass by a variety of high-pressure water jets as they make their way through the system. All sides of the bubble caps can, therefore, be cleaned in a single pass.

This much faster wash process gives customers more choice when deciding whether to remove their bubble caps or clean them in-situ. The time required to dismantle and remove the bubble caps can be made up by the quicker cleaning process. An option that is well worth its while as dismantled bubble caps can be cleaned to a much higher standard. What’s more, there are more opportunities to capture the cleaning water.

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