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Sustainability certified once again

REMONDIS Maintenance & Services has been awarded a silver medal in the latest EcoVadis sustainability ratings for the 4th year running. Overall, therefore, this sees the Group among the top 25% of all companies assessed in the industrial service provider segment.

  • REMONDIS Maintenance & Services has taken part in EcoVadis’ certification process since 2015. During the first two years, it succeeded in gaining Bronze Status; in 2017, it was then awarded Silver Status. Being the world’s largest provider of business sustainability ratings, EcoVadis carries out its evaluations based on internationally recognised sustainability standards, including the UN Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative. Certified companies must regularly provide evidence of their sustainability efforts in four categories: Environment, Ethics, Labour & Human Rights and Sustainable Procurement.

  • REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, BUCHEN and XERVON have all declared sustainability to be one of their main company objectives. Which is why the Group is continuously working on improving and further advancing sustainability across its business. The EcoVadis medal is both confirmation of this and an incentive to achieve even more. It also provides proof of its efforts – proof furnished by a well-known and well-respected association – that makes it possible for both the Group’s business partners and other people to reliably assess its sustainable services. This is particularly true for its customer base as EcoVadis is a partner of Together for Sustainability (TfS), an initiative set up by the chemicals industry. Founded in 2011, this initiative enables member companies to assess, audit and optimise the sustainability efforts of their suppliers.

    • Working for the future means facing the challenges of the future. Which is why driving forward sustainability each and every day is an integral and essential component of our company philosophy.

      Jürgen Lennertz, Managing Director REMONDIS Maintenance & Services

    To be able to do this, the partners’ EcoVadis scorecards are placed on a digital platform that can be accessed and viewed by all TfS members. To date, 30 leading chemical companies have joined this global initiative and they only award contracts to partner firms if these firms are able to prove with their scorecard that their sustainability efforts are successful. For REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, BUCHEN and XERVON, therefore, a good EcoVadis rating is also a sign of quality and an important prerequisite to be able to take part in joint projects with their global customers operating in the chemicals industry.

Always in the spotlight
Sustainability is our core business and our mission

REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, BUCHEN and XERVON have always intertwined their business success with quality, health & safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Setting up initiatives to grow sustainability is an integral component of the Group’s business model and a fundamental premise across all its divisions.

Industrial services that promote sustainability

Both BUCHEN and XERVON’s core businesses go hand in hand with sustainability. Both groups deliver a wide range of innovative industrial services that help ensure their customers’ facilities operate safely and smoothly. BUCHEN, for example, provides industrial cleaning services that make certain plant operations are not impacted by residue or deposit build-ups. This enables the plant to achieve a high performance level while consuming less energy – reducing the need for fossil fuels and considerably cutting carbon emissions. XERVON offers its customers energy-efficient solutions: from condition monitoring, to maintenance work, all the way through to installing high performance industrial insulation to minimise heat loss.

  • Sustainability is the key driver behind everything we do. It is a fundamental mindset that we put into practice and further develop at every opportunity – both in our day-to-day business and beyond.

    Stefanie Broeder, Head of Corporate Development/Marketing, REMONDIS Maintenance & Services

Optimising technologies and processes

No matter what their everyday task may be, BUCHEN and XERVON always look to use work processes that protect the environment, conserve natural resources and save energy. New technologies are trialled and, if they prove to be suitable, are integrated into the Group’s portfolio. In many cases, it is the company’s own developments that enable sustainable progress to be made. These range from chemical processes to dispose of hazardous substances, to innovations in the area of predictive maintenance, all the way through to new technologies in the field of high pressure water jetting. Besides focusing on the benefits to the environment and climate, BUCHEN and XERVON’s new developments also address the social aspects of sustainability. One important issue here is finding new processes that optimise employee health & safety by reducing the physical strain on operatives and making their work even safer.

Acting responsibly across all fields of business

Sustainability, however, not only shapes the day-to-day tasks that the Group performs for its customers. Being an integral part of its corporate culture, it is practised across all areas of its organisation. REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, BUCHEN and XERVON orient their group-wide activities towards the UN Global Compact ten principles. Based on these, the Group’s own principles and guidelines have been set out in writing in its Code of Conduct and Compliance Guidelines. These rules and regulations apply to the whole of the company’s organisation, no matter where in the world it may be located, as well as to the work it carries out with its business partners. The interests of the different stakeholders are analysed regularly to reconcile their requirements with the objectives of the Group. By doing so, the Group is in a position to factor in changing framework conditions and drive forward initiatives to grow sustainability. At the end of the day, ‘Working for the Future’ is the Group’s mission and guiding principle. And this future, as far as REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, BUCHEN and XERVON are concerned, must be a sustainable one.

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