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Pioneering resource conservation

TRG Cyclamin GmbH was founded in Schönebeck (Elbe) 25 years ago. It had a promising future right from the start as it had two trump cards: firstly, it had developed its own procedure to regenerate aliphatic amines from foundries and, secondly, it had its own cutting-edge facility in which this patented process could be carried out. The company is still based in Schönebeck and its plant is also still located there, although it has been modernised and automated over the years. In other ways, however, TRG has seen quite a few changes. Over the last few years, it has gradually expanded its range of services – with all of them reflecting its core area of expertise, namely to recover and process valuable substances and, by doing so, conserve natural resources. At the same time, TRG has extended its regional focus. Being a true expert in its field, this BUCHEN subsidiary now operates across the whole of Europe and has become one of Europe’s leading amine recycling businesses.

  • The company is also planning to further increase its portfolio over the next few years. TRG’s expectations are high as it looks to introduce further measures to help curb climate change and conserve natural resources – especially as it has already been so successful in this area. The company’s amine recovery system is already a zero-waste process: the water generated as part of the process to produce the high quality recycled amines is reused by the facility; the by-product gypsum is used in cement production. TRG will continue to drive forward its business by making the most of its proven strengths: its environmentally compatible processes, innovative solutions, fine-tuned services and experienced staff. By the way, the company has been training its own apprentices ever since its business began 25 years ago and all of them have been taken over by the company at the end of their course. At the end of the day, the best way to become a specialist is to learn from a specialist.

Besides helping foundries, TRG provides a number of other industrial services such as separating mixtures and developing and producing new, environmentally friendly polymer modifiers.

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