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Offering top quality apprenticeships – especially during a pandemic

REMONDIS Maintenance & Services continues to deliver its own intensive apprenticeship programme – as a response to skills shortages as well as to make it possible for young people entering the workforce to carve out a successful career for themselves. 96 young people alone began their apprenticeship course at the Group this year and together they are learning a total of 17 different professions. The start to a career that not only offers a promising future but also helps promote sustainability and environmental protection.

Two important aspects of REMONDIS Maintenance & Services’ apprenticeship concept are having dedicated trainers and ensuring the young employees gain hands-on experience of their future profession in a modern working environment. At XERVON’s business in Bottrop, for example, the apprentices learn their trade in a workshop equipped in line with the very latest standards.

Competitions testing apprentices’ skills are one way to see how successful a company’s apprenticeship course is – such as the ‘German Championship for Industrial Insulators’ which was won by a XERVON apprentice for the third year running.

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