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A major project in the heart of Frankfurt

Architectural highlights often require a particularly complex and extensive scaffolding design. As was the case with the Grand Central project in Frankfurt am Main.

Frankfurt is growing. 200,000 to 300,000 square metres of office space alone is continuously being built across the city. One of Frankfurt’s most recent signature projects is the Grand Central, which will be the head office of DB Netz (the operator of the railway infrastructure in Germany) as soon as it has been finished. Built in a series of six individual stages, this showcase building will be completed this year and provide a workplace for around 2,200 employees.

  • new workplaces will be available in the Grand Central buildings

  • The XERVON experts took on the scaffolding work needed for the Grand Central. No easy task as this office complex is not only extremely large it is also very extensive. Two interconnected seven-storey office buildings with numerous additional wings are the main features of this project. In order to surround this group of buildings with scaffold, XERVON erected a total of 36,000 square metres of façade scaffolding, into which it also integrated steel lattice beams to create bridging structures up to 15 metres in length. Moreover, it set up a further 7,800 square metres of scaffold on the roof area where the plant rooms are to be placed 26 metres above the ground.

    • The Grand Central is being built in the heart of Frankfurt. This has meant that measures have had to be taken to reduce noise levels to protect those living and working in the neighbouring buildings. To make this happen, XERVON installed a system of noise protection panels on 4,500 square metres of the scaffold structure. It also erected birdcage scaffolding (volume: 3,000 cubic metres) for the two-storey underground car park that is being built. One special feature here was the working platforms which were integrated into this structure. They were able to be opened particularly quickly so that the fork lift trucks could pass through as and when required.

    • Find out more about the Grand Central project here

This extensive scaffolding project started at the beginning of 2019; the company moved in to dismantle the scaffolding in the spring of 2020. All in all, this project is an excellent example of why it is well worth collaborating with XERVON: being a leading scaffolding provider, the company has a large stockpile of materials, extensive personnel resources and the in-depth know-how needed to help its clients realise their ambitious construction projects.

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