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Advantages that are making an impression

A much wider range of services and a much faster performance – this is what the coating plant in Stade can now offer thanks to the comprehensive modernisation work that was carried out on it recently. XERVON has invested a seven-figure sum in this business location (part of its surface technology division) to make sure it is fit for the future. The plant in Stade provides different kinds of blasting and coating work for a whole variety of facilities and steel components. These range from conventional stripping and blasting processes, to standardised corrosion protection, all the way through to speciality coatings. Besides working for the chemical, petrochemical, steel and shipbuilding industries, the company also delivers its services to commercial firms and private individuals.

The Stade plant’s core area of expertise is protecting surfaces by adapting and applying coats so that they are able to meet the exact future requirements. Two of the company’s main strengths are its many years of experience and the high levels of expertise of its specialist staff. By converting and extending its facility, the company has now created the perfect conditions – both from point of view of space and technology.

  • This creates a whole number of advantages for the company’s customers. The plant’s two blasting and coating areas can now handle structures up to 20 tonnes in weight and up to 15x5x4 metres in size. Other benefits are generated by the shorter completion rates and by the fact that it is more efficient and more cost effective. Last but not least, the latest innovations have further improved safety levels and established exemplary environmental standards.

    Further information about the Stade coating plant can be found in the brochure, “Beschichtungen am Besten von uns!“ PDF

  • XERVON has had a branch in Stade since 1972. It has two business locations in the town and employs a total of 116 people who deliver both surface technology and scaffolding services. The company also offers apprenticeships, teaching young people to become scaffolders or painters specialising in building and corrosion protection.

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