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Maintenance in the face of Industry 4.0

It is a simple truth that progress can only be made if there is someone there trying to make it happen. Which is why XERVON Instandhaltung, XERVON’s maintenance specialists, are continuously looking at developing novel systems that will save their customers time and money. New communication models, digital solutions and web-based processes all play an important role here.

Smart factories, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence: industrial manufacturing is heading towards the fourth revolution or Industry 4.0. These future-oriented technologies are playing an ever bigger role in the maintenance sector as well. XERVON Instandhaltung is embracing these new opportunities and adapting them so they can also be used in the area of maintenance.

Progress means more benefits for customers

Maintenance projects are almost always complex – often with very tight schedules, a large number of people involved and many interconnected tasks. Technological advances are offering some interesting ways for improving the interfaces that are used for everyday tasks, helping to reduce the time needed to carry out chains of services. Smart glasses for example, which XERVON is currently introducing into its business, transmit information via audio and video stream. This creates some key advantages for maintenance projects as different teams can cooperate and interact with each other much more easily.

Saving time with new technologies

    • Electronic feedback tools are also already being used. Everyone involved in a project can be notified immediately when a task has been completed, which helps to considerably reduce reaction times when a series of processes have to be carried out. What’s more, XERVON Instandhaltung has turned to digital solutions to manage its technical resources and optimise the availability of its devices. The company is also looking at the possibility of using sensor technology, RFID, chips and barcodes. It could make good business sense to use these modern ID systems for inspections and tracking machine parts. At the end of day, this ID technology shows exactly where the individual parts are and how far the work has progressed.

    Digitisation has provided the basis for progress. The next stage is for companies to adapt these new processes and tools to their customers’ and their own individual requirements so they can be added to their portfolio.

    XERVON Instandhaltung is constantly screening the market and managing trends with its trend radar to discover innovative technologies. Subjects such as the Internet of Things or machine learning have become an integral part of the company’s strategy, especially in the field of condition monitoring. XERVON Instandhaltung is actively driving development in this area. How fast things will progress will, in part, depend on what advances are made in general technology. Like Industry 4.0, tomorrow’s maintenance is a future project that has only just started.

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