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Rising to new heights: using a quadcopter to search for heat loss

XERVON has been using state-of-the-art heat imaging cameras to detect structural heat loss for many years now. It recently extended its range of energy efficiency and industrial insulation services by adding high-tech drones to its portfolio. And it is the company’s customers who benefit as thermographic analyses carried out by drones are fast, inexpensive and effective.

The scene: a large industrial premises with many different facilities connected to each other. A 40x40cm quadcopter can be seen hovering over the huge tanks. With great precision, the drone systematically flies back and forth taking in all sections of the tank roofs. Its state-of-the-art camera films each individual detail – producing digital and thermographic images. These are then transmitted to the ground station in real time where the technician from XERVON’s insulation division checks them on the screen and controls the drone’s flight path.

  • Thermographic analyses carried out by drones are fast, inexpensive and effective

Using the thermal imaging drone is a genuine innovation. Tall plant parts are normally checked using a truck crane that lifts the operatives up to where they need to be. As their line of vision is always limited, the crane needs to be moved again and again. Things are quite different when the quadcopter does the inspection work however. It can get to where it needs to be more quickly, can reach greater heights and is far more flexible. The area that a truck crane would need several hours to complete can be inspected in no time at all. What’s more, it can be used to inspect parts that are normally very difficult to reach.

Once the flight is over, XERVON’s insulation specialists analyse the images in detail. The advantages of a drone inspection are obvious here as well: as the operatives have access to digital and thermal images, it is possible to pinpoint exactly where the problems are. This further increases the quality of the inspection work and allows XERVON to draw up a highly effective insulation concept.

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