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There’s no doubt about it, life is not only moving at an ever faster rate, it is becoming increasingly digital. Two very good reasons, therefore, for BUCHEN and XERVON to revamp their up²date magazine. From now on, our customer magazine will be published more often. Which means, of course, that you get to hear about our interesting projects, latest news and pioneering innovations even more quickly.

  • At the same time, up²date will be focusing more on digital elements as this format enables us to provide you with a wider range of information and a more detailed insight into our projects. To discover the online content, simply click on the button under the relevant article.

    This is a quick and simple way to access the additional digital content, which offers further information about the topic. Depending on the article, this may be images, graphs, additional text or videos to name just a few.

All in all, the new up²date concept is more topical, more interesting, more dynamic and more informative. Just the right combination for today’s world where information is becoming ever more important and – increasingly – having an impact on a company’s success.

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