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  • Dear Readers,

    The term “shutdown” is really not the best choice of word for describing what our customers and we do during a major turnaround. The only thing that has been shut down is the facility itself – everything else around it is a hive of activity. In fact, work begins months before a shutdown is due to take place as everything has to be meticulously planned and organised and all possible parts produced in advance so that the plant can be up and running again in as short a time as possible.

    BUCHEN and XERVON took part in two major shutdowns earlier this year – both at the same time. All in all, the two companies deployed around 1,200 employees over this four-week period to carry out a whole range of different tasks. Very few companies in Germany are able to take on such a mammoth project. Read our feature article to find out how we succeeded in doing this.

    Brand-new technological developments

    Another thing that creates a hive of activity at our company is our desire to solve our customers’ problems and find bespoke solutions that meet their exact requirements. We are constantly working on further improving our services by developing technical innovations that make processes even more efficient. We have come up with a number of smart ideas for a range of different applications. From closed loop processes, to getting maintenance work fit for the future with condition monitoring, all the way through to creating our own complex technological developments such as the dense phase conveyor system and our very own industrial cleaning robot, the automated industrial cleaner (AIC).

    No matter what development we may be looking at, our focus is always on improving workplace safety. As a result, we have launched a variety of product innovations onto the market recently that makes working in boilers much safer. We have also been awarded a number of work safety prizes from our customers – demonstrating that this subject is just as important for them as well. And we are happy to admit that we are extremely proud to have been awarded these. They are proof that our ongoing efforts to improve work safety are bearing fruit. Whether it be RWE, EVONIK or Covestro – to name just a few – they have all commended us and thanked us for the hard work we carry out in this area. We, too, would like to say a big “thank you” to them: for giving us these awards and giving us the opportunity to work with them. We are also doubly proud because we operate in such a wide range of fields, all of which – such as tank cleaning work – have their own particular hazards and risks. Our experts are in high demand both for onshore and, in particular, offshore projects. From the North Sea to the easternmost region of Russia: our customers like to make the very most of our in-depth know-how and specialist technology.

    Outstanding scaffolding services

    What’s more, the latest scaffolding projects in Sweden and Austria clearly demonstrate just what a name XERVON has made for itself as one of the leading European scaffolding businesses. Both projects involve extremely complex requirements, whether it has to do with weather protection or special anchorage solutions. In fact, we are well-known for delivering specialty scaffolding solutions in all of the countries we operate in. Which was one of the reasons why we invested in our scaffolding business in the German town of Eisenhüttenstadt. With both the workforce and workload having expanded over the last few years, we decided to invest in our employees, in our customers and in the region as a whole.

    Have fun reading this first ever digital edition of our magazine – you’re bound to read about a service or product that could be of interest to your own business!

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Complex tasks

This is seaside living at its best: a number of exclusive flats are currently being built in Nacka Strand – right on the water’s edge and with a spectacular view of the marina and the city. REMONDIS’ subsidiary, XERVON, is responsible for the complex task of erecting the scaffolding and providing protection against the weather for this major building project.

A growing demand for new homes

Stockholm is considered to be among the prettiest of the world’s cities. Commonly known as the Venice of the North, the Swedish capital offers an attractive mixture of urban life and unspoiled nature that is not only attracting an ever growing number of people wishing to visit the city but also wishing to live there. This gradual increase in the city’s population has meant that there is also a growing demand for new homes. One of the solutions has been to strengthen the links between the city centre and its immediate surroundings by improving ferry services, bus routes and the underground network. One example is the Municipality of Nacka, which lies just outside the city of Stockholm and effectively connects the capital to the 30,000 islands and islets – known as skerries – in the Baltic Sea.

Experts for specialist solutions: the building’s exposed location meant complex calculations and a special design were needed to make it structurally safe

268 new flats are currently being built in Nacka Strand, all of which will have a modern layout, contemporary furnishings and a view of Stockholm. An old office building, with a total floor space of around 44,500 square metres, is gradually being transformed into attractive residential homes. Work is to be carried out on the outside of the building throughout – with new windows needing to be installed, balconies built and a twelfth floor added for the penthouse flats. This major project, which began in 2016 and is due to last until 2019, was initiated by Skanska Sverige, one of Sweden’s leading property developers, together with the US private equity firm, Carlyle. All in all, the partners are expecting to invest 123 million euros in this venture.

  • 15.000 m2

    scaffolding material

  • 8.000 m2

    weather protection

Complex scaffolding requirements

  • The building’s outstanding location – right next to the Baltic Sea and the marina – will certainly add greatly to its appeal and make it a very desirable place to live. It is, however, making some construction work more difficult. This is especially true for the scaffolding work which is the responsibility of XERVON Sweden AB. XERVON project manager Jacob Holm explained: “The sheer size of the project, the height of the building and its location next to the water have all created a whole number of technical challenges. It is, for example, very much exposed to the elements which means we have to take all of the forces caused by wind and weather into account.” This is particularly true for the gigantic structure that has been erected almost 35 metres above the ground to protect the building against the weather. This protection was essential: it would have been impossible to add the new penthouse floor without it.

    XERVON’s scaffolding division is well known for always being able to deliver the number of personnel and volumes of material needed

    Organising the logistics also proved to be a challenge, as the construction site is right in the centre of a residential area. In order to make sure their work impacted as little as possible on normal city life, XERVON decided to deliver the 15,000m2 of scaffolding material and the 8,000m2 of weather protection in the early hours of the morning where cranes were then used to hoist them into position.

    Built in the 90s and situated on the Baltic Sea entrance to Stockholm, the office building is currently being transformed into exclusive flats

Partners from the very start

Planning work on the project began more than twelve months before the actual building work started and XERVON has been involved from the very first moment. The company has arranged for between 12 and 16 experienced operatives to be on site throughout the whole of the construction phase. Jacob Holm continued: “We have succeeded in finding the best and most effective solution no matter how complicated the task. This can be put down to our know-how and experience and, of course, to the successful way our two firms have worked together.” The first families will be able to move into their new flats in the summer of 2018 – in this idyllic setting right next to the skerries and yet still so close to the vibrant city of Stockholm.


XERVON Sweden AB is one of the leading scaffolding businesses in Sweden. Based in Stockholm-Kungsängen, it has branches in Gothenburg, Karlstad, Norrköping and Örebro. It primarily serves customers operating in the fields of infrastructure, construction, chemicals and petrochemicals as well as the energy sector. xervon.se

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